Plane landed in the wrong country by mistake: British Airways got wrong

The passengers were quite shocked when they landed in the wrong country by mistake. They landed in Scotland instead of Germany! What happened to the pilot of the British Airwats CityFlyer flight? Was it a mistake or what? Let’s have a look at this funny event, the event of the plane landed in the wrong country by mistake.

British Airways CityFlyer flight landed in the wrong country by mistake: what happened

The flight took off from London at 7.30 am a couple of weeks ago. Passengers were supposed to land a couple of hours later in Dusseldorf. The staff announced they were landing to Scotland less than 2 hours after departing from London. For this reason the announcement was really strange because they were landing in the wrong country. Everyone on board thought it was a joke and start to laugh!

Probably the pilot got wrong or maybe it had the wrong instructions before taking off. But it appears airline staff had been given the wrong destination. Furthermore it has also been suggested tickets were not properly checked during boarding. Passengers started to complain when they realized it was not a joke but a mistake! They were actually in the wrong country. British Airways CityFlyer got wrong!

Plane landed in the wrong country by mistake: the story told by the passengers

First of all the passengers thought it was a joke made by the flight attendants who announced they were landing in Scotland instead of Germany. Secondly when the travellers understood it was true they started to complain. Some of them tweeted to BA funny messages like “we didn’t expect to win the ticket for a flight to Scotland!” They were making fun of the company that should have landed in the correct country. The crew was convinced of the Edinburgh flight path from the get-go! So it looked like that the whole crew was sure about the destination in Scotland and the passengers were wrong.

Plane landed in the wrong country by mistake: British Airways got wrong

As a result people on board had to wait hours in the plane before taking off for their original destination. Some passengers told that it was really frustrating, annoying, awful! They had to wait for hours without snacks and without access to the toilets! Finally the plane took off for Germany and it was more than three hours late. British Airways said it would apologise to passengers individually. Then it has launched an investigation with WDL.

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