1Who are you and what services do you offer?
Flycare relies on a network of experienced professionals within the European Transport Law.
Flycare's purpose is to: Allow travellers to make an informed choice about the airline they are going to travel by. In particular, they can check the information on our website about the percentage of delayed flights for a particular company over the last year before buying the airfare; Inform travellers about their rights and ability to get fair compensation for any inconvenience during air transport, as provided by international conventions and European regulations; Judicially and extrajudicially assist travellers who were denied what they were owed by the airlines;
2Is the service offered free of charge and why?
Yes, our service is entirely free for the passenger. Expenses related to our activities are paid directly by the airline. There are no fees for the passenger.
3In which cases do I have the right to compensation as a result of a delay?
The legislation provides the right to recognition of compensation as a result of delays equal to or longer than 3 hours.
4I have the luggage delivered a couple of days after my arrival at the destination. Am I entitled to compensation?
Yes! Following the delayed baggage of more than 24 hours after arriving at the destination, you are entitled to compensation plus reimbursement of expenses you incurred for the basic necessities. In that case, you will need to attach receipts of any purchased goods.
5Am I entitled to compensation even if they have been warned two days before the cancellation of my flight?
Absolutely, the airline may change the original flight plans established, but must alert the passengers two weeks in advance from the scheduled departure date.
6What documents do you need to begin the process?
In order to activate the procedure we need:
 1. The entire trip's reservation;
 2. Boarding Pass;

 3. Power of attorney. In case of problems with the delivery of luggage, the complaint that is required at the Lost & Found and all of the receipts related to expenses incurred must be included.
7How do you proceed in obtaining compensation?
Our business first sends a letter of formal notice to the airline responsible for the disruption. In the event of negative feedback, we will prepare a statement of claim.
8How and when can I get in touch with you?
At any time. You can always communicate with the lawyer that represent you if you have any doubts or if you want updates on your case.
9How do I find out how a court hearing went?
Once your reference lawyer is back in the office he/she will contact you to update you on the court hearing.
10Will you follow my case through the entire procedure until I receive the refund?
Absolutely. Once your case is taken on then we will follow through with it until you obtain the compensation that is due.
11Who will assist me after the verdict to obtain my compensation?
We will. Until we meet the whole.
12Once the procedure is started, is it inevitable to prepare a writ of summon for the judge?
No. It is possible that once the summons is served to the Airline then they will contact us and offer us a sum of money to close the matter amicably and to avoid a trial before a judge. Obviously, we will evaluate together the fairness of the offer and the opportunity to accept or not to accept the proposed settlement.
13After winning the case, how much of our compensation do we have to give you?
Nothing. In the event of a positive ruling, the judge will separately settle the amount due to you for the disruptions and inconvenience and the amount due to us in respect to the costs and the legal fees.
14How will I receive the payment?
In most cases, the payment will be transferred into the bank account you indicate.

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