Discover the best 20 airline companies in the world

Have you ever wondered what are the best airline companies in the world? And have you ever travelled with one of these? The website Skytrak has created a list of the 20 best airline companies in the world according to its travelers. Are you ready to disover the best airline companies in the world? Let’s have a look starting from the bottom of the chart.

From number 20 to number 11: the Asian airline companies are considered the best with the exception of some Europen ones.

What are the guidelines to evaluate to decide what are the best airline companies? Some travelers said that one of those is the comfort provided, the cabin crew, the products sold on board and the punctuability of an airline company, the most important thing for every traveler.

We are not surprised that in the top 20 of the best airline companies in the world there are the Asian ones. Infact, at number 20 we find the company Asiana from Sounth Korea considered great for its cabin crew and economic products.

At number 19 we find Air New Zeland, families who travel are happy about the service offered by this company. At number 18 and 17 we find two European companies (and they are not the only ones in the chart which is good): Air France and Austrian Airlines. We are proud of our European airline companies. This year Air France took a slight step backward because of its financial issue but it’s still considered one of the best by the travelers. On the other hand it’s a big step ahead for Austrian Airlines that boasts new renovated long-haul flights. The travelers said that the flights of this company are always on time.

Discover the best 20 airline companies in the world

Japan Airlines is at number 16 (it won the award for Best Economy Class Airline Seat) forerun by Qantas which took home the award for World’s Best Premium Economy Class plus Best Premium Economy Class Airline Seat. At number 14 we come back to Europe with the Swiss International Air Lines the ex Swiss Air. And at number 13 there is Virgin Australia that is the biggest in the Virgin company and well-know for her long-haul flights from Australia and New Zeland. Turkish Airlines achieved the number 12. It flies to over 100 countries. And at number 11 another Asian airline company: Thai Airways.

From number 10 to to the top of the chart: we are going to discover the best airline company in the world

Garuda Indonesia, Hainan Airlines and Ethiad Airways take up the positions number 10, 9 and 8 respectively. We are happy and proud to say that at number 7 there is a Europena airline company, the last one of this top 20: Lufthansa. Do you know that it is the largest airline company in Europe? It has been in the top 10 over the past couple of years. Customers have said that Lufthansa provides an exceptional service with quality and an amazing crew. Its customers are happy to travel with this company also because it has shown just a few delays in the last years. Lufthansa took the award for Best Airline in Europe and Best First Class Airline Lounge Dining as well.

Discover the best 20 airline companies in the world

Then at number 6 and 5 we come back to Asia with EVA Air and Cathay Pacific Airways. At number 4 there is the famous Fly Emirates. Not only it is one of the best and biggest airline company in the world but is also famous for the form on entertainement available on board including live television and sporting events.

Discover the best 20 airline companies in the world

The top 3 of the best airline companies in the world starts with All Nippon Airways at number 3 and at number 2 there is Singapore Airlines. Finally, at number one there is the best airline company in the world which is Qatar Airways. It is famous for its comfortable seats and in-flight entertainment. You can fly to over 150 destinations around the world.

So, have you ever flown with at least one of these best airline companies in the world? Are you interested in discovering why they are considered the best? I flew with Air France and Lufthansa the 2 most important European ones. What about you? We can’t wait for your comments.

Anyway, even if you fly with one of the best companies in the world it may happen that there is a delay. So, for every issue with your flight you can contact Flycare.


Grazia Maietta


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