Plan your next trip for the New Year: don’t miss the best cities in the world

New Year means new trips, have you already planned yours? The best thing I like doing is planning my future trips and before booking I prefer reading the best destinations suggested by Lonely Planet. Discover with me the best ten cities to visit in this new year according to Lonely Planet.

The best cities to visit in Europe according to Lonely Planet: from Matera in Italy to Oslo

With the beginning of the New Year Lonely Planet has listed the best ten cities and countries to visit for different reasons. Do you know that one of these is in Italy? We have very beautiful places and infact one of the best ten cities to visiti is in Italy: Matera. There is no place like Matera in the rest of the world. Matera is a labyrinth of caves, buildings and churches in stones that date back over 9000 years. Furthermore, Matera is the European Capital of Culture for 2019 and a lot of events have been planned.

Oslo in Norway is going to be the best city to visit in the group of the Scandinavian ones. In this 2018 the King and the Queen celebrate the 50th year of their marriage and the famous Opera House will be 10. In Germany there is another city that should be visited in this new year: Hamburg. The harbour is very beautiful and the new Elphilharmonie concert hall as well. Also the nightlife is well-known. In Spain Seville is considered a treasure. Lots of tourists have already visited it but this year in the capital of Andalucia will take place the 31st European Film Award.

Plan your next trip for the New Year: don’t miss the best cities in the world

Thanks to this list of the best cities to visit in 2018 we are able to discover new undisclosed places. Not only the capitals are the best to visit but also the smaller cities. Infact, one of the best cities to visit is Antwerp in Belgium. It’s Flander’s unofficial capital rich of historic places to discover. In 2018 it will feature Flemish-Masters rubbing shoulders with modern talent in a lot of events.

Plan your next trip for the New Year: don’t miss the best cities in the world

The best cities to visit in the rest of the World: from America to Australia

When a tourist think about the Usa the first cities he wants to visit are New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. But, have you ever considered Detroit? After a lot of years of neglect, Detroit has been introduced in the list of the best cities to visit in 2018. This city is a working progress but has its own charm. The hockey and basketball arena have just opened. Then there are three new parks that will be opened.

Kaohsiung in Taiwan got its position in the chart. It is a cultural and artistic centre. It is also famous for its experimental architecture from around the world. A new cruise terminal has been added to the features of this city.

Recently, Cranberra is one of the favourite place to visit in Australia and infact it is in the list of the best ten cities to visit in 2018.There are treasures around every corner and this year Canberra will host a Test cricket match at the typical Manuka Oval.

The last two cities are San Juan in Puerto Rico and Guanajuato in Mexico. The first one is a mix of old and new features and the second is a small city that is typical for its picturesque squares and colorful houses.

Plan your next trip for the New Year: don’t miss the best cities in the world

If you are going to book your trips for this New Year you have all the most important information to visit the best ten cities in the world. It doesn’t matter if they are close or far they are all very beautiful.

These destinations are reachable by plane and if you have problems with your flight you can contact Flycare.


Grazia Maietta


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