Pet therapy at the airport in Toronto: no more stress while travelling

Pet therapy at the airport in Toronto: no more stress while travelling

Flying can be really stressful. Hours of waiting at the airport, check-in, check of the bags more than once, long queue to go to the toilet and to buy food. The biggest airport in Canada, Pearson International airport in Toronto, decided to introduce the pet therapy to calm the passengers. Let’s have a look at this idea that promote the concept of “no more stress while travelling”.

The biggest airport in Canada and its pet therapy to reduce the stress caused by flying

Most of the people loves animals and some others hate flying. The combination of a bad thing with a good thing can create the perfect match to reduce the stress caused by flying and by all the conditions you can find at the airport. Hours of delay, cancelled flights, babies who cry and so much more can cause a lot of stress without considering the normal situations you can experience at the airport.

Pearson International airport is the biggest in Canada and one of the most important in North America. It had more than 47 million passengers last year. A lot of those passengers have suffered from panic attacks. So the airport in Toronto decided to partner with St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program bringing 15 dogs to help reducing the stress. The dogs and their owners went to the airport and joined the “Welcome Volunteer Program”. It has more than 300 helpers that work around the terminal 1 and 3. Everyone knows that a smiling face of a dog can help in reducing the stress caused by travelling and waiting for hours in an airport. Cuddling a furry baby can really help in avoiding the idea of waiting for ages for the plane to take off.

Pet therapy at the airport in Toronto: no more stress while travelling

How to reduce the stress at the airport following simple steps

Flying can be really stressful for different reasons. The airport in Toronto had this great idea to introduce the dogs as a therapy but there are also some simple steps that you can try to follow to reduce the stress. First of all you can try to arrive at the airport 3 hours before your flight so you can have time to do eveyrthing avoiding the queue and the anxious provided by the idea of being late.

Try to relax before your flight drink a cup of tea, read a book, listen to your favourite music or go shopping. Try to do all the things that let you relax. Flying can be really stressful and for someone it is also scaring. The best medicine is to travel with someone you trust but if you are alone try to focus your attention on positive things. And if you are at the airport in Toronto enjoy the company of the happy dogs.

For any problems with your flight you can always contact Flycare that is happy to help trying to reduce your stress.




Author: Grazia Maietta
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