TAP Air cancelled flight: the experience of the passengers

TAP Air cancelled flight: the experience of the passengers

What happened when a flight is cancelled? The passengers have the right to get a compensation and to be assisted by the airline company. Flycare is always happy to help the passengers who have experienced a delayed or cancelled flight. But what do you have to do in order to get your refund? Let’s have a look at a TAP Air cancelled flight and the experience of its passengers.

Cancelled flight by TAP Air Portugal: some passengers got the refund others nothing

In April TAP Air cancelled one flight leaving all the passengers without a proper mean of transport to come back home or go on holiday. This is something that happens very frequently in the world of airline companies but why some passengers got the refund and others nothing?

At the beginning the flight from Lisbon to London Heathrow was delayed and then cancelled. TAP Air offered no assistance to the passengers as some of them had to spend the night in the airport and others to book the hotel on their own.

Months later some passengers got a refund, others flight vouchers and some who have claims for more than 1000 euro heard nothing from the airline. After complaining about this behaviour the airline company contacted the passengers offering them flight vouchers and the accommodation reimbursement.

The experience of the passengers on the TAP Air flight

The flight should have taken off at 7.05 pm and only at 6.15 passengers were told at the gate that there was a problem getting the crew ready to take off. So the flight was delayed. Then at 9 pm there was the announcement of the TAP crew: the flight has been cancelled. The airline company offered 10 euro for food just to the families with children. At 9.30 the staff told that they were looking for an accommodation but between 11 and midnight they told they couldn’t find it.

They would have reimbursed up to 60 euro to the people that would have found an accommodation on their own. The problem is that they didn’t give the refund to all the passengers who had to spend money for an accommodation. The day after they announced that there was no direct flight to get to London Heathrow.

Passengers rights when a flight is cancelled

If the cancellation of a flight is not caused by an extraordinary circumstance the passengers have the right to get a refund or to be re-routed. Then if you get to the final destination more than three hours later that the original time, the airlines has to pay compensation.

With extraordinary circumstance we refer to extreme weather conditions or civil unrest. Regarding the flight of TAP Air the flight has been delayed and the passengers should have received 400 euro cash (not in vouchers) because it was a medium haul flight (between 1,500 km and 3,500 km from Lisbon to London).

In the same situation of the passenger of the cancelled flight from TAP Air you should receive free calls and emails, food and drinks vouchers and the accommodation for the night if they are not able to provide another flight on the same day.

If your flight has been cancelled or delayed you can contact Flycare that is able to assist you with the claim for the refund.


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