Delayed flight? Everything you need to know about it

Delayed flight? Everything you need to know about it

A lot of flights are delayed every day. There are different causes some of these are reliable and others aren’t. But there is always the right of the traveler to get a refund. This is the best article to read to know everything about delayed flights and your rights as passengers.

When the flight has been rescheduled in the same day of the planned flight

Flycare is always happy to help in case your flight has been delayed so pay attention to this guide to discover your right as passengers.

If the flight has a delay of 2 hours you just have to relax and wait to get on the plane and take off. If the delay is of 3 hours you can report to the Air Passenger rights because you need assistance from the company or from the airport. They need to provide food, drinks, internet connection, calls. The first ones that should receive assistance are children and disabled people.

If the flight has been delayed for more than 3 hours and neither the airline company nor the airport is able to provide further information, the passenger has to get the refund according to its route.

250 euros for journeys of 1.500km or less

400 euros for journeys between 1.500 and 3500 km.

600 euros for longer journeys

Delayed flight? Everything you need to know about it

When the flight has been rescheduled for another day

When the flight has been rescheduled for another day, for example the following day, the passenger has the right to receive an accommodation too. Not only the airline company has to refund the customer but it has to provide a good placement as well. Passengers who travel without paying the cost of the ticket or at a very low fare do not have to except this kind of assistance.

If the causes of the delay are not due to the airline company the passengers won’t be provided by the above assistance. One of these causes is the bad weather. But the airline company has to prove that it couldn’t have done anything to prevent the delay. Another cause is the strike.

Furthermore it is very important that the passengers keep all the details of the journey, the e-mail regarding the confirmation of the booking, the boarding pass and all the general expenses they have had. You can fill in our form here to ask for your refund.

Flycare is always able to help the passengers who have suffered from a delay.

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